Refrigerated Display Case Solutions Enabling Simple Format Changes

January 2021

Versatility is Key
“There will be more change in grocery retail in the next five years than there has been in the previous fifty”. An often-used phrase, that captures the challenges facing grocery retailers today with the seismic shifts in consumer shopping trends and buying power moving to new demographics. Brick and mortar retail will continue to be a crucial aspect of this dynamic with greater emphasis on experience.

Experience means entertaining and engaging the shopper in an environment to encourage a larger basket spend. The ability to cost effectively evolve formats and introduce new product initiatives is critical to keep the shopper returning and spending in your store.

Self-Contained Display Fixtures
Operating in multiple markets, the Pure Cold team have designed a range of self-contained products to enable retailers with a method of delivering format change effectively.

With the pack out, display area (and operating efficiency) of remote fixtures, Pure Cold’s self-contained cases represent the simplest method on the market to evolve your format or add additional product lines.

Fit for Purpose
Genuinely mobile and plug and play, the consumer would view the product a permanent addition to the store, yet the fixtures can be easily moved around store or from location to location with the only operational need being a single electrical connection.

An addition of a spot-selling endcap for meal kits, cross-merchandising to an ambient aisle, adding an additional line-up of craft brews or kombucha teas has never been this simple.

For retailers looking to change out a line-up or a partial remodel this also represents a cost effective method of moving away from a legacy refrigerant on an existing piped rack system.

Pure Cold have been building full self-contained stores for many years. This is a particularly effective proposition for urban format stores with the advancements that have been made on proven refrigerant leak-free, low charge, low maintenance, low energy and heat rejection designs.

The future of grocery retail is self-contained fixtures.

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