Making impulse sales easier with self-contained fixtures

Whole Foods Market Store, United States 

Pure Cold Self-Contained products featured: Inspiration Air-Cooled Door Multideck 

Evolving Store Needs 

With shopping trends evolving and changing at record pace, the ever-changing grocery retail of today is an increasingly multi-channel platform that includes bricks and mortar. Meal kits are just one example of the meteoric rise of an emerging food trend that has quickly become a household need. 

Self-Contained is the Solution 

Self-contained fixtures represent a great, flexible solution for impulse sales, evolving the in-store customer experience and adding or extending fresh product categories. The benefits of self-contained equipment historically came with a penalty of high energy, noise and heat output and a compromise in merchandising display area in comparison to remote fixtures. 

Equipment Re-invention 

The need for flexibility in store design is growing and responding to customer needs. Fortunately, self-contained case design has also evolved in parallel to this demand. 

Pure Cold self-contained cases with horizontal scroll compressors are at the forefront of both low energy, noise & heat output and maximum display area to self-contained fixtures.  

Convenience Cooling 

There is no energy penalty or display area compromise selecting a Pure Cold Inspiration self-contained case over a remote case. In addition to this a single plug and play connection, no pipework and self-evaporative trays mean Pure Cold’s self-contained cases represent the best buying selection for spot merchandising, flexibility and creating that “market within a market”. With castors and an adjustable feet design, the fixtures are deemed appliances and are easily moved around your store or from location to location.