Evolving for a sustainable future with Water-Loop and Air-Cooled cases 

Waitrose, United Kingdom 

Pure Cold products used: Inspiration Water-Cooled and Air-Cooled Open Cases, Icon Air-Cooled Full Glass Door Freezers 

Proven Technology 

Delivering stores with self-contained cases on a water-loop for heat rejection is a widely recognised sustainable and cost-effective solution across the world. Many retailers are either trialling or standardising on this as their engineering solution of choice to a number of metrics. 

Business as Usual 

Waitrose have been successfully delivering and evolving this technology for over a decade with over half their estate now operating as self-contained stores. In the spirit of innovation, evolving product design is a necessity. 

The Art of Airflow 

Pure Cold recently delivered a number of stores with open medium temperature fixtures further enhancing the water-loop solution with significant drops in energy consumption to previous designs. Working with air-flow specialists, Pure Cold enhanced their core case design with the aid of advanced computational fluid design (CFD) and case design specifically employing the usage of shelf-edge technology. 

Open Case Efficiency  

This has enabled energy savings of between 20-30% over previous water-loop design stores for Waitrose. Some key areas; cold aisles were eliminated, all store heating needs coming from the heat rejection of the water loop coupled with heat rejection from a number of air-cooled fixtures also in the store design. A new case product category is born, it is no longer simply an open or shut case. 

For retailers who require an open case store design, this is the current most optimised efficiency point with open fixtures on an energy value half way between doored fixtures and traditional open fixtures.