Collaborating with the Co-Op on Hydrocarbon cases

Central England Co-op Store, United Kingdom

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Pure Cold commenced supply of hydrocarbon self-contained display cases in 2009. The UK remains the leading market for the application of higher charge self-contained cases utilizing hydrocarbons with permissible system charges of up to 1500g above ground and 1000gbelow ground supported by the relevant codes and standards.

Central England Co-operative

As an environmentally responsible retailer, the Central England Co-operative embraced a natural refrigerant selection far ahead of F-Gas regulations mandating a shift from HFC refrigerants. Pure Cold’s first hydrocarbon cases were supplied to the Co-operative’sOakham store as complimentary spot-selling equipment with the majority of cases supplied on a CO2 DX system.

Extending the Global Reach of Hydrocarbons

Pure Cold recognise the value of single system design for self-contained cases from a capital expenditure perspective and also protecting one of the virtues of self-contained case design; simplicity.

Whilst the UK recognises the usage of higher charge hydrocarbons supported by applicable codes and standards, uptake has been slower in other parts of the world. The Pure ColdR&D team are now engaged in case design for hydrocarbon applications to other markets aligned to the pending increase in permissible system charges with the proposed changes to IEC-60335-2-89.